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1996 Dec. 5 Established 'ChunghoCA'
1997 Jan. Developed of Duct Cleaning M/C as a Domestic Beginning
Sep. Developed Fume Collector, CH Series
( The Domestic Beginning Adoption of Media Type Filter)
1998 Oct. Issued Testing Results of Filter for Fume Collector From Certifying Authority
Oct. Developed Laser Engraver and Fume Odor Elimination Dust Collector, LC Series
1999 Feb. Developed Mist Dust Collector , OMC Series
Mar. Developed Cleaner attached Dust Collector , MSV,APV Series
Aug. Developed Vacuum Dust Collector , MSR Series
Oct. Exhibited Products to Korea Machinery Fair ( COEX , Oct.16~21)
2000 Mar. Opened Internet Home page (http:// www.chca.co.kr)
Apr. Developed Micro Dust Collector, MDC Series
Aug. Developed Soldering Smoke and Fume Odor Elimination Dust Collector, ZF Series
Sep. Developed Soldering Smoke Elimination Dust Collector, DS Series
2001 Apr. Exhibited Prodocts to Export Expo of Small and Medium Enterprises in Daegu
(Convention Center , Apr.19~ 22)
Jul Established 'ChunghoCA' ( Cooporation Conversion)
Sep. Developed Air Pulse Type of Anti-dust explosive dust collector, APD Series
Oct. Acquired ISO 9001 Certification
Nov. Exhibited Products to Korea Machinery Fair ( COEX, Nov.5~10)
2002 Jan. Developed Bag Filter Type of Anti-dust explosive Safe dust Collector, MSD Series
May. Developed Fume Elimination Dust Collector , FC Series
Oct. Developed Bag Filter Cartridge type of Dust Collector, AM Series
2003 Jan. Developed Grinder attached to Dust Collector, GC Series
Apr. Developed Dust Collector for Coating , PBC
Jul Exgibited Products to Korea International Safety & Security Exhibition (COEX, JUL.2~5)
Jul Joined in Korea Association of Machinery Industry
Nov. Exhibited products to Korea machinery Fair (COEX, Nov.3~8)
Dec. Joined Korea International Trade Association
2004 Jan. SC-50, a micro dust collector, developed
  Mar. "Figure+DUCEAN" registered as a brand (No. 0043113)
  Mar. "DUCREAN" registered as a brand (No. 0043117)
  Nov. Acquired CE Certification.(AP, MS, CH, SC Series)
2005 Fed. Acquired ISO 14001 Certification.
Mar. Patent application for Built in type Dust collector for Equipment of FTP semiconductor.
May. Exhibited Products to CIEPEC 2005 in Beijing China. (Jun.07~10, 2005)
Jun Exhibited Products to International Environmental Technology
Sept. Exhibited Products to World Korea Business Convention.
Oct. Exhibited Products to The 15th Korea Machinery Fair.
2006 Jan. ZM Series, a mist collector, developed
  Mar. Small & medium – sized enterprise with HIGH GROWTH
POTENTIAL, designated by government.
  Apr. venture business, designated by government.
  Apr. Exhibited Products to Seoul International Machine Tool Show- SIMTOS 2006
(KINTEX, Apr. 12 ~ 17, 2006)
  May. Exhibited Products to The 11th international welding & cutting fair in Beijing China
  Aug. Small & Medium Sized Enterprise with Technical Innovation(INNO-BIZ) Designated by Government
  Dec. Moved in New Office / Factory
2007 Jan. Export Leading Enterprise in Machines & Plants Designated by KOTRA
  Jul. Developed DFC Series, Downflow Type Dust Collectors
  Oct. Developed CHB Series, Portable Fume Dust Collectors
2008 Jun. Selected as ‘Promising Export Firm’ by Small & Medium Business Admistration
  Sep. Acquired CE Certification (DFC, FC, ZMC, LC, OMC, MSR Series)
2009 Jan. Developed New Grinder Attached Dust Collector (NGC Series)
  Feb. Developed Vacuum Dust Collector(MSR-629HB)
    Acquired CE Certification (APD Series)
  Mar. Developed Ceramic Filter Dust Collector (CFC Series)
  Apr. KORTA Seal of Excellence Member
    Developed Table Attached Dust Collector (MST Series)
  May. Acquired CE Certification (MDC Series)
  Jun. Developed Air Pulse Type + Work Table Dust Collector (WT Series)
  Jul. Exhibited MTA Vietnam 2009 (Hochiminh July 8~11)
  Aug. Registration of Air Pollution Prevention Business
  Sep. Acquired Europe BIA TEST "M" for NANO Filter
2010 Mar. Acquired CE Certification (NFC Series)
  Apr. Exhibited SIMTOS 2010 (Seoul KINTEX Apr.13~18)
  Jun. Export Leading Enterprise in Machine & Plants
2011 Mar. Renewal ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certification
    Acquire CE certificate : MS-HS series (K3731/M11)
  Apr. Establish Chungho C.A own ERP System.
    Develop and launch laser fume eliminator ‘LFC’ series
  May. Developed and Launched Laser Fume Eliminator LFC Series
    Register design patent for worktable attached bag filter type dust collector ‘MST’ series
  Sep. Participate in KOMAF 2011 exhibition (KINTEX Korea 28th Sep. to 1st Oct.)
  Dec. [Patent registration] dust off equipment for dust filter
    Acquire CE certificate : ‘LFC’ series and ‘ZF’ series
2012 Feb. Develop 'ACT' series (Activated Carbon Tower)
  Mar. Sign up new overseas distributorship agreement ? Australia and Vietnam
  Apr. Participate in SIMTOS 2012 Seoul exhibition (KINTEX Korea 17th Apr. to 22nd Apr.)
    [Patent registration] dust off equipment for dust filter with nozzle and brush
  May. Develop ‘APN’ series (quick replaceable cartridge type)
  Jun. [Patent registration] dust collecting equipment for oil mist
    Participate in ACMEE 2012 India exhibition (Chennai 14th Jun. to 18th Jun.)
  Sep. Develop new type of ‘PCI-N’ (calcium carbonate supply equipment)
  Dec. Acquire certificated export trader for FTA preferential tariff certificate of origin
(Ref. #020-12-200288)
2013 Feb. Develop Chungho C.A own ERP System for sales support (mobile PC base)
  Apr. [Patent registration] registry completion for easy filter replacement dust collector
  Jun. Participate in KOMAF Shanghai 2013 China exhibition
  Jul. [Patent] registry completion for oil mist collector using centrifugal force
  Sep. [Patent] registry completion for dust elimination equipment for dust collector
(Ref. #2013-0008086)
  Oct. A selection as 2013 excellent vision company from In-cheon metropolitan city